Cheap trains / quick routes in Japan

If you need to travel regularly between different cities by train (let’s say, for example, to meet your private students!), you will surely need to find the best prices and routes to reach your destination.

Although japanese speakers shouldn’t struggle too much, the others will certainly need a hand.

Fortunately, it is possible, even for a non-japanese speaker, to check timetables and prices from various companies, even for complex trips (in case you need to take trains from different companies during the trip, typically).

Let us introduce you two pages : Hyperdia and TrainRouteFinder by Jorudan. They gather (official and fresh) information from train companies.
Both work the same way basically : choose departure point, destination point, departure hour, a few options and they’ll tell you trains around this time with their prices, mentionning stations where you need to change train if necessary.

In 95% of cases, the results are strictly the same for the two websites. However, for complex trips, implying taking trains from different companies, one of the two may perform a little better. Concretely, one of these two “train route engines” may find a cheaper and quicker route. Accordingly, it can prove useful (and save you a few yens) to have a look at results from both websites.

If you need to travel regularly to different places in Japan, we warmly recommend you to use these two very good pages. They will definitely help you!

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