Dictionary for our language teachers!

Our main website has just got its first update since January, and it is a significant one!

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been developing a brand new English <-> Japanese dictionary which is now fully functional!
It can translate words and sentences. For common words, this tool will also display a list of definitions, explanations and examples.

Feel free to use it as you prepare your lessons, or try to understand what your students are telling you about!

This dictionary is still under active development and will welcome new languages shortly. Italian and French should arrive very soon (a matter of days), Spanish and German will appear just a little later.
Our goal is to be able to support 20 different languages as soon as possible!

This dictionary will be the first of a series of tools we’ll be developing during this year.
We will keep you informed about our achievements as soon as they make it to the website.

Lately, we also brought some improvements to our students’ site, which should help the website growing even more -we have more and more students browsing YOUR pages!-.

Thank you again for making our website and this blog live!

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