Re-entry permit

If you plan to temporarily leave Japan during your stay and that you’re not a permanent resident of Japan, no matter what your visa is (working holiday visa, working visa …), you should get a re-entry permit.

This permit allows you to get back to Japan and keep your previous status (if your visa is not expired, of course).
If you don’t have one, you will simply lose your status (and so the validity of your visa).

There are two kinds of re-entry permits :

-”Single” re-entry permit, which you can use only once. It will cost you 3000yen.
-”Multiple” re-entry permit, for those who would like to travel outside Japan several times. This one costs 6000yen. You can use it as many times as you want.
(The prices mentionned may change through years. Let us know if our numbers are not up to date!)

In order to get it, go to your closer Immigration desk with the following elements :
-A valid passport
-Money (3000 or 6000 yen depending of the permit you choose)
-Your gaijin card (alien card)

You will also be asked to fill a form. Then you should get your permit immediatly.

Remember, you’ll lose your visa if you forget to get this permit, and there’s not much you can do if it happens. So be careful!

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