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Other jobs for foreigners in Japan (besides teaching)

Jeudi, mars 11th, 2010

As you may have noticed already, finding a teaching position in Japan can be quite a difficult task. Until you find one, you may consider a few other options :

- Translation : Usually language teachers know more than just a single language. This can be useful for other jobs!
Even if you don’t speak a word of Japanese, there are still a lot of translation agencies in Japan who are interested in translators who can use several European languages, for example English and Spanish.
You can try to get lists of agencies in Japan, however, most of these lists are not free.

If you wish to earn a few yens before finding a stable job, you may also try jobs for freelancers. (You can check translation communities such as YakuYaku, for example)

- “Arubaito” (Japanese part time jobs) : The most “popular” part time job for foreigners (besides teaching), is maybe waiter/waitress. Indeed, many French/Italian/Chinese/Indian/etc restaurants are interested in foreign staff in order to “reinforce” their reputation.
Sometimes, a basic understanding of Japanese will be enough to make you a successful applicant. However and as always, you have to keep in mind that a real lot of other foreigners people will apply.

Jobs like distributing flyers outside during hot Japan summer are certainly not what you’re dreaming of, but some companies are looking for foreign staff to do it. It can always be a valuable financial help until you find something better.
In general, you may have a chance for manufacturing jobs (in factory) or other jobs which don’t require an advanced knowledge of the Japanese language.

- “Technical jobs” : If you are the owner of a scientifical diploma (for example in IT), you may also be able to find a job.
Usually, the “languages” used for such jobs are “universal” and employers will look for technical skills in priority.
Obviously, it is always a huge advantage to speak Japanese fluently, but even if you don’t, your experience and specific knowledge could help you greatly.

Almost any English native speaker could teach English, but do you know so many people who can code in a very specific programming language? Surely not, and that may be your chance : the number of applicants for scientifical is not as high as for teaching jobs.

- Make friends! Go out and try to meet new people. Not only you will get to know some people to enjoy time with, but it will also give you more opportunities to get in touch with some companies.
Meeting other foreigners can also help you a lot if they know some companies recruiting non-japanese people.

If you have any other ideas or questions, please let us know! Finding a job is never something easy, so you should never overlook options as may show up.

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