Can I sign up if I am not in Japan yet?

No. Our students expect our teachers to be available immediatly in Japan. Please sign up only once you're in Japan. Your account will be deleted otherwise.
Although it's not part of current plans, we may consider a distant teaching offer in future.

Can you help me get a visa?

No. We're only here to introduce you to students.
However, we offer help and information through our blog : Teach in Japan about visas and jobs. Check it out!

How long do I have to be in Japan to use your services?

No strict restrictions. However, students usually expect more than just a few lessons. You should sign up only if you think you can stay in Japan at least a few months. Accordingly, we ask you to remove your ad some time before leaving Japan.

I forgot my password. What should I do?

From the home page click on "Forgot?". Then enter your e-mail. Your password will be sent immediatly.

How can I make students find me easily?

Our teachers lists are sorted by last update time. By updating on a regular basis, you can make sure your profile will be one of the first profiles students will see. To do so, log in, go to your board and update any of your profiles, even if you don't modify anything!

How much should I be paid?

Set your own prices! You're free to decide how much you want to earn. We only ask you to choose a price between 1000 yen and 10000 yen per hour. Outside this range, your record wouldn't be considered seriously by students. Usually new teachers expect to be paid in the 2000-3000 yen/hour range, while experienced/busy teachers can ask 4000-5000 yen/hour or more! Keep in mind that too low prices may make students think you're not worth more, while too high prices may just make them run away.

Why isn't my contact information displayed when I search for myself on the students website?

Only registered students are allowed to see your contact information. We charge them 3000 yen and provide them a full access to our website, including your contact information, video and uploaded documents.

How do I get paid?

Up to you, it's something you should prepare early with your future students. One reliable way to be sure to be paid is to ask money for a few lessons in advance, so that you can make sure your students will come back!

Where can I see my profile?

Log in and go to your board. A link to your profile will be displayed at the top of the page. Note that you need to complete "Teacher information" section to make it appear.

What kinds of videos and texts am I allowed to show?

Anything related to your way of teaching : lessons, exercices, self-introduction, country introduction ... all inapropriate content will be deleted, as well as your account if we considered it (inapropriate content) as offensive.
The second very important rule is that you MUST be the owner of the content you share. If you do break this rule, your account will be immediatly deleted.
Teacher in Japan, based in Osaka. If you have any question or encounter a problem, mail us at admin'@'teacher-in-japan.com
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