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Need help to get in Japan?

We recently opened a blog to help people who are trying to get in Japan for teaching : Teach in Japan where we give you tips and explanations about how to get a visa, a work, and find an accomodation. Check it out!

FAQ updated - A word to our teachers

Following a few suggestions and the introduction of new features, we updated our FAQ section. We hope it will make our website only easier to use.

We'd like to thank teachers who sent us there suggestions lately : your feedback is very important to us, if not vital! All your ideas are considered seriously and help us improving the website.
If you have any more questions, or requests for new features, please mail us at admin'@'teacher-in-japan.com. We'll react/reply as soon as possible!

Share Youtube videos and text documents!

As you may have already seen, we added a few new features for our teachers.

Indeed, you now have the possibility to link a youtube video to your profile. It must be related to your teaching skills : a video lesson example, a little speech about your country, a self introduction ... show your future students how convincing you can be! You can fill this new field in "Teacher information" section.

The second big update : a "textual contents" section has been added to your Teacher Board. It allows you to upload up to 5 textual files. Like videos, these files will show your students that you're all prepared for teaching. Accordingly, we recommend you to upload an example lesson.

We hope these new features will help you in your way to find new students!
Teacher in Japan, based in Osaka. If you have any question or encounter a problem, mail us at admin'@'teacher-in-japan.com
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